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Baby Wholesale Suppliers Differ From Retailers


Retailers, also referred to as resellers, merchants, dealers, and traders, are licensed business owners who are permitted to buy and sell goods to the public. Retailers purchase products that are completely manufactured and distributed by other vendor companies at costs that are not available to the general population. Becoming a licensed business grants an owner exclusive access to low prices, allowing them to sell products directly to consumers while earning a profit. This profit, or product mark-up typically reflects the exact difference between the discounted cost and what the public is willing to pay for the baby wholesale items in a retail store or online environment.

Establishments and Websites

Retail stores are open to the public for any consumer to walk in, browse merchandise for babies and toddlers, and complete a purchase. Retail websites operate in the exact same way, just electronically. Images of clothing, gifts, and accessories are displayed for any customer looking to buy infant products. A simple selection of goods, submission of payment, and shipping address finalizes the transaction.


Wholesalers commonly referred to as manufacturers, distributors, and vendors, are companies producing goods in large, bulk quantities to sell to individual retailers. Reputable vendors do not sell products directly to consumers. The objective of vendor-retail collaboration is to allow vendors to move high volumes of children's merchandise at discounted costs to the retailer, outweighing the benefit of selling low volumes for slightly higher profit within the community. Not only does this business structure improve productivity for both parties involved, it is an effective method of keeping retail costs down for the consumer as well.


Manufacturing substantial amounts of infant gear for distribution to countless retailers, in a timely fashion, requires a factory, warehouse, or at the very least a small workshop environment. Vendors often develop an administrative office in an alternate location or even attached to the main warehouse, to handle daily clerical functions, communicate with retailers, and process new orders.


Websites of certified vendors are only somewhat accessible to the public, in the event a non-registered business owner is searching for new products. Retailers can become easily confused by the difference between an actual vendor and another retailer, claiming to have merchandise for sale at discounted, liquidated, close-out, or lower-than-wholesale-pricing. The absolute best way to know a vendor from a retailer website is the absence or presence of pricing. Keeping the valuable and trustworthy vendor-retailer relationship in mind, it is incredibly unprofessional for baby wholesale suppliers to list prices that can be viewed by anyone who happens to browse online. Quality vendors will require retailers to provide documentation of being a licensed business owner to view costs and purchase baby wholesale items.